21 Day Sugar Busters detox program

Early Bird Registration closes Monday, Jan 5 @ 12pm PST.


You’re “ALL IN”, and ready to take the leap to boost your health in 2015!

 Leave the dieting mindset behind. Toss the guilt and deprivation.

 It’s time to truly step into a holistic lifestyle.


The 21-Day Sugar Busters Detox Program starts with a 5-Day jumpstart to rebalance your blood sugar levels and help you ease off sugar/refined-carb cravings. 

It’s designed to safely, and effectively guide you to reset your body at the cellular level so you have control over how you eat.

No deprivation. No starvation. Yes to a lifestyle shift.


Registration Timeline:

1) Early bird registration closes Monday, January 5th, 12pm PST.

  • Perks of registering early:
    • Join us for a BONUS live call hosted by my product partner, featuring Dr. Oz, and Kathy Kaehler (celebrity fitness trainer to Julia Roberts, etc). They will share tips, strategies, and will motivation for you during the Sugar Busters Program (think prizes and fun stuff). This call is live only (not recorded) and is happening Monday, Jan 5th @ 6pm PST.
    • You’ll receive your products in time to join the live Sugar Busters group calls, hosted by my colleague, Dr. Karen Wolfe, which kicks off on Sunday, January 11th @ 5pm PST, so you can ask questions and get real-time support (these calls will be recorded).

2) Last day to register is Monday, Jan 12th, 12pm PST

(You prefer to semi-DIY, and not stick to live call schedules, but still want support…you rebel ;).


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How Does It Work?

The 21-Day Sugar Buster is offered in partnership with my colleague, Dr. Karen Wolfe, a holistic physician and wellness coach.

During the 1st 5-days, you’ll have healthy, low-glycemic smoothies & snack bars, plus nutritional supplements. This combination will support your body and cells to release the stress, and inflammation caused by the sugar/refined-carb roller coasting. You’ll also be adding your own unlimited veggies, and 1 serving of fruit each day. No going hungry here!


In Day 6 and beyond, we’ll sustain the work you’ve accomplished, and integrate 1 smoothie a day, a snack bar. Plus, we’ll continue to incorporate the nutritional supplements to further heal cellular damage, and give our cells the proper micronutrients they need so you can optimally thrive.


The Benefits?

  • Reduce sugar cravings so you crave healthy foods (No joke!!)
  • Increased energy
  • Sleep better…like a baby!
  • Improved taste buds so you can taste the quality in whole foods
  • Release of excess weight
  • Stronger immune system
  • Repair from past high-glycemic roller coasters, so your body is more in balance from the inside out
  • Like-minded community & support
  • Feel more amazing and tuned in so you can truly listen to your body
  • Savings on grocery bills
  • No more emergency runs to the vending machine


What’s Included*?

  • Early registration Bonus Call: Live tele-call with Dr. Oz and celebrity fitness trainer, Kathy Kaehler. (YES!)
  • 5-Day Sugar Cleanse “RESET” Kit (includes 5 full days of gluten free food + cellular nutrition)
  • A 2-week supply of foods to help you sustain the good work you’ve accomplished, and keep the cravings at bay. This will further help you to transition to a low-glycemic lifestyle (one where you keep your blood sugar stable), and continue to heal inflammation.
    • 1 smoothie and 1 snack bar / day (all gluten free), while you incorporate your own healthy, low-glycemic foods and snacks at other meals.
  • Full month’s supply customized cellular nutrition pack of the #1 rated, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplement in North America, including antioxidant, minerals, 2000 IU of Vit D3, and triple-distilled fish oil to guarantee absolute purity (no mercury or shady stuff).
  • Three (3) 45-min Live tele-classes hosted by Dr. Karen Wolfe (all calls recorded)
    • Live calls start Sunday, Jan 11th, then the following Wed and Friday (5pm PST/8pm EST)
    • These calls are to support you during the 1st 5-days as you go through the jumpstart kit
  • Daily support + tips via email during the 1st 5-days
  • 3 bonus audios to provide additional support for Day 6 and beyond (sample topics include: energy, thinking well, pleasure)
  • Four (4) 20min private coaching sessions with me :)
  • The Carb Cleanse E-Guide
  • Low-Glycemic Recipes
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Private Facebook group so you can connect with others in the program

*All foods + supplements are pharmaceutical grade standards (better quality than organic)



Anyone who is:

  • Ready to dive into a healthier 2015
  • Ditch deprivation + dieting
  • Break sugar/refined-carbohydrate cravings in a loving and intentional way



$299.99 + tax/shipping.

All resources listed are included!

(I know! What a steal!)


Uncover the science behind your cravings.

Receive guidance to adopt a healthier, more pleasurable lifestyle.

Step back into balance.

Want in? YAY!

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Got questions or wish to customize to your needs? Email me and we’ll chat!


What people are saying about the program

“I was a bit overweight and didn’t feel good about my body image before starting the program. I have lost 5 pounds, my skin has gotten clearer, and I now have more energy!” – Helena,   Washington

 “I am holding at about 7 lbs lost, and it seems to be staying off!”  -Ashley, Oregon

 “I was about 8 weeks into another similar program, that was healthy but not optimum. I liked the fact that the USANA products are pharmaceutical grade. They test their products so I trust I’m getting what’s on the label. I don’t believe in weighing so I couldn’t say how much total weight I’ve lost, although I do know I am down at least 9lbs and have dropped several inches in size!” – Sarah, Washington

The program was easy to follow and the food tasted great.” – Lynn, Washington

“OMG so so good! They don’t even taste healthy. :)” -Vikki, Washington

“I was so skeptical that this program would work, but to my surprise, I no longer crave carbs like breads and pastas anymore. This program was easier than I thought, and best of all, I’ve not had to take my optional insulin shots. My favorite are the customized vitamin packets. They keep me compliant!” -M.K., Oregon


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