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My Vision + Purpose is to create a community of women across the globe where we are healthy, vibrant, financially abundant, living the life we want without needing to worry about our future.

Yes. This. Is. All. Possible.

My message is that we CAN create an expansive and healthier world, supporting the successes of each other, while being incredibly successful ourselves, with joy, abundance, and celebration.

Yes, we can have all this without the” feeling miserable” or “making money is hard” stuff.

  • Are you like my former-self, where a few years ago, I was not happy, constantly complaining, feeling stuck in life, and facing burnout?

  • Are you stuck in a job you don’t love, but feel there are no other alternatives?

If you feel you have lack of support and direction, and need to continue with the status quo, trying to fit into a competitive and masculine model – then you’ve landed in the right place.

As you are becoming financially free and moving towards living the life you want on your own terms, you can have the power and freedom to live your life’s purpose, and give back to the world in greater ways.

And you know what? Your timing couldn’t have been better – because I’m here to show you HOW.

I’m intuitive, observant, optimistic, introspective, love to laugh, and have always brought a form of ease to people’s lives through listening and offering guidance + resources when appropriate.


Want to know the story of my journey and more about me and my background?

Hang onto your seats, and learn…

How It All Started

When I was young, I always saw myself as living a happy life, where money was never an issue. I saw myself traveling, having an amazing family, having the time to do whatever it was that I loved, and somehow contributing to the world, making a difference.


I was taught to follow the rules. I thought the rules were the way to go in order to get ahead. happymewaving

Little did I know that when I went through it all, what I received as a result, felt like I was told lies.


I did all I was supposed to do to get ahead in life – in both high school and university, I studied my butt off.

I sacrificed my time to study instead of hanging out with friends – my social life was zero. But I was taught to work hard now, play later.

And I was onboard if it gave me the fulfilling life of freedom I was promised.

 On Track For Success?

I graduated with an engineering degree, achieving high honours from a top school, and was immediately hired by a big software corporation.

I really thought that I was golden. My bright life was set.

But 3 years into my adult life, something was amiss. I was stressed, had no life, running the hamster wheel, and was already tired of my job.

What was even more frustrating – I wasn’t financially free.

My income was only slowly growing with each performance review, and I honestly was never passionate about computers. I did it only because I was told it was a good industry to go into because that’s where the money was.


Truthfully I was bored out of my mind. Every day went like this: wake up, hit the gym, bus to work, show up at work, leave work, bus home in traffic, grab dinner, relax, sleep, wake up, hit the gym…


It was underwhelming. After 4 years of this whizzed by, a low-grade panic started to settle in.


To make it worse, I had financial responsibilities to my parents (in my culture, it is generations and centuries tradition, that children take care of parents when they are of old age.)


I knew that I was no place yet to do that, and I was feeling the squeeze of the post-occupy wall street American dream – do I pay for my not-yet existing kid’s future or my parents’?


There seemed to be no way I could do both and still live a life of my dreams with my current financial positioning.


When I looked ahead to my own life and dream, I wanted to do something more meaningful with my career and make money.

Game Changing Events

I became very interested in natural medicine and had the desire to go back to school to become a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. But it was going to be a big move if I did. I had a mortgage to pay, and basically, I felt like I was going to have to start from scratch.


Yet on the other hand, if I stayed at where I was in computers, I cringed at the idea of having everything be the same.  I wanted a happy life, where I was financially free and doing what I loved. That was always my dream.


So, school felt very attractive to me. I’d get to do something I was passionate about. I get to leave my corporate job, and finally have a way to handle my family obligations to my parents and my future family. Going back to school would be the perfect solution. I had an escape route.


With my decision to go back to school, a pivotal event happened that was a game changer for me.


peekabooI met up with an acquaintance who was a very smart business woman. She was financially independent before she was 30. She asked what my plans were when I went back to school and my conversation with her changed my life.

She advised me to start building a business while I was in school.

See, the problem with my 6-year school plan was that I was going to be heads down studying, accumulating student debt, while the world was changing and passing me by.

“Why not start a business while you’re in school so you can start creating residual income? Maybe find something that’s health related since that’s aligned with your schooling and passion.”


Her words really – and I mean – really resonated with me. I went home that night inspired, and I even wrote down her advice in my little black notebook. I was super excited about her idea, and went off to research.


Through my reading and research, I re-discovered something that I always held as a family value – in order to be financially independent – it had to be done in community.


No (wo)man is an island. Coming from my culture, families stick together and look out for each other. There is strength in numbers and when there’s community, there is immunity. Studies show that when people are part of a community, they are healthier, happier, and live longer.


I discovered that…
You don’t have to build financial freedom alone.
You don’t have to start from the beginning and reinvent the wheel.

You CAN have someone (a group of successful mentors who have gone through it before) walk you through each step of the way.

Building wealth in community equates to collaboration, cooperation, plus, happiness and better health.

Creating financial sustainability needs to be created in community because this is where the sum is larger than its parts. This is where 1+1>2.


Really, the only model that easily allows for this is (conscious) network marketing.


It wasn’t until 9 months after the eventful conversation with my friend, that I found a company that I could stand behind and partner with, that had teamwork, support, collaboration built into the compensation model.

Even though I did go back to school, I eventually left, as it no longer made sense for me to burden myself with a $200K loan and delay my dreams for 6 years.

To me, there was a smarter way to fulfill my passion and live a financially abundant life – and now,

I’m inviting you to join me –

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