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Why Give?

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{A portion of my proceeds goes towards the following organizations below.}

Part of my vision and purpose is to support women across the globe to become financially free and have the best health, while doing so in community.

With wealth + community, we can come together and contribute to the world in ways that can move mountains. Having a deep compassion for this planet, including all plants, animals and beings, I believe that our choices in how we treat others affects everything and everyone around us.

When we can fully give with love, compassion and generosity, we are truly free.

Want in? You are welcomed to join me in giving back and make a bigger impact!


usana true health foundation

Without good health,  the energy and vitality needed to contribute to one’s livelihood, family and community are compromised.  What I love about this foundation is that100% of all donations go directly to supporting those people who are in need. Such examples include: low-income families within the US, helping rescue girls from trafficking in developing countries, and aiding in the aftermaths of natural disasters. The True Health Foundation also partners with the Children’s Hunger Fund – giving children in poverty-stricken countries access to good nutrition and basic needs, and Dr. Oz’s charity, HealthCorps. Learn more about the USANA True Health Foundation at: