How to Gain YOU Back and Feel Amazing (Part 2)

In my last post, I shared the idea of “disappointing people a little bit everyday”. The whole point of it is to return back to you. Tap back into what’s true for you, instead of being influenced by others.

So, if you’re an energetic sponge like myself, you may find yourself ungrounded, distracted, and annoyed when you unintentionally picked up someone else’s energy.

What’s one way to clear away energy that doesn’t belong to you?

Epsom salts.

Epsom Salts

On an energetic level, Epsom salts are fabulous at getting rid of unwanted energy. They can serve as shields to protect your energy space.

I’ve resisted using Epsom salts for the longest time, because the advice has always been to take Epsom salt baths. Not just great for clearing away other people’s energies, but also for muscle soreness and recovery.

I know the benefits are amazing, and I’ve recommended this practice to people, but I also understand that not everyone takes baths.

So, here’s my nightly ritual in the shower:

(yes, sans tub + keeping it simple)


  1. Get a high-quality, pharmaceutical grade brand of Epsom salts. I always advocate high-quality, especially if you’re using this on your body. The label should ideally be pure magnesium sulfate. There are many brands out there that have added stuff. I got mine at Whole Foods – but most importantly, read the label.
  2. Because epsom salts extract + absorb toxins, and dissolve in water, pour a small amount of epsom salts into a smaller container that is easily accessible in your shower. Avoid glass containers in case they accidentally get dropped :)
  3. Place the main bag of salt away from the shower/steam (I just store mine in a separate room.)
  4. Set an intention beforehand and during the shower that the act of using the salts will clear away other energy that doesn’t belong to you.

While in the shower:

  1. Add soap, water to your sponge as you normally would
  2. Pour about a tablespoon or so of the salts on the sponge
  3. Rub the soap and salt into the sponge, the salt will begin to dissolve
  4. Gently and mindfully scrub your body like you normally would in the shower.


  • Your skin will be baby soft. It’s almost as if you went for a full body scrub at the Korean day spa – without feeling like the lovely spa lady is scrubbing off your skin during the process :)
  • Your skin will feel a little tighter.
  • You’ll energetic feel refreshed. If not, rinse and repeat :)

Seriously, I LOVE this ritual in the SHOWER. No need to take baths. It doesn’t take long, and I notice the results immediately.

Of course, on a physical level, if you have ultra sore muscles, you can also find a clean, comfy bathtub, and luxuriate in the epsom salt soak for about 15mins. Add Lavender essential oil drops for extra calmness.


To feeling amazing,
Michelle xo

2 Responses to How to Gain YOU Back and Feel Amazing (Part 2)

  1. Thanks Michelle,
    This is a great idea. I’ve been meaning to take an epsom salt bath for awhile now but it didn’t get to the top of my priority list. This makes it so much easier. You’re a gem!

  2. Thank you, Yolanda!! I felt the same way about the baths, and prefer the simplicity of using the salts via showers :) Glad you found this useful! xx