How to gain YOU back

This quote has been on my mind lately. I heard it while listening to the weekly call, from Tosha Silver’s “Living Outrageous Openness: Think Like a Goddess” program (btw, it’s awesome and not just for women).

Disappoint everyone a little bit every day.


This is such a great quote. The moment I heard it, I felt a relief, and thought: “Brilliant! Yes, I deserve to honor my own needs.” It’s not necessary to always be pleasing people, meeting other people’s expectations, or even our own for that matter.

Believe me. This isn’t easy for me either.

We all wear many different hats, which comes with different responsibilities and expectations. It’s easy to fit into certain boxes with our certain roles. But the more we cater to other people’s wishes, the more we neglect our own.

We often don’t give ourselves time to honor our own needs and boundaries.

This shows up as stress response in our body, and directly affects our well-being.

When we give ourselves permission to disappoint other people’s expectations of us, we come back to ourselves. We tap back into what’s true and authentic for us.

Along the same lines, it’s also important to release our own expectations for ourselves. How often do we hold a measuring stick against: the ‘should be’ stick?

What’s interesting is that these measuring sticks are usually not really our own. Whenever I measure myself against something, it’s usually to impress or please specific people in my life.

Allowing for disappointment releases attachment. It’s self-care, but most importantly, self-love.

Tap back into what feels good, and say ‘no’ to things that don’t serve you.

Otherwise, meeting any expectation will eventually drain our adrenals when it’s out of alignment of what we truly want. We’ll end up living life other people have set up for us.

And that’s not healthy for anybody, especially ourselves.

So practice this. Set yourself free, and disappoint everybody a little bit every day.  Even if it means letting go of your own expectations.

What a relief, right?

To you,

Michelle xo

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