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What’s the book about?

The book covers 9 lessons and secrets that women (and men) are not traditionally taught in schools, and highlights a different approach to work and life that allows one to work towards financial freedom. These are the lessons that I’ve learned and currently adopt as an entrepreneur. And are secrets that I wish I knew when I was still in college (heck, in high school)! Secrets that if I’d have known sooner, would have deeply impacted my path and career choices.

You’ll learn what it means to be truly financially free on a practical level, and having the right tools and mindset to really step into having the lifestyle you want. You’ll learn that you don’t need permission from anyone else but yourself to get started, and how to begin creating support for what you want to achieve. The intention is that by the end of each day, you get to set and plan your own schedule without needing to be dictated by someone else’s agenda, or work for someone else just to pay your bills.

The ultimate goal: is to be financially free so you can leave the rat race, and be aligned to living your life’s passion and purpose.


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 Video #1: A Secret Tip To Get What You Want

What’s IN the book?

In this book, I share with you my top lessons I’ve been learning along this journey. I’m alongside with you on this path…I’m just a few steps ahead. Each section ends exercises to help you learn and integrate what was taught.

I share my journey, and what I’ve learned along the way about entrepreneurship and success. Each chapter covers a secret that I’ve learned, and wished I had known sooner before graduating from college.

It’s not about achieving materialistic goods, or making a million bucks (although you can totally have that!). It’s really about the growth, the wisdom gained, and the person you become through the process of setting your own sail.


Book Contents

Secret #1: Befriend Leverage
Secret #2: Fall in Love with Your Numbers
Secret #3: The Power of Part-Time
Secret #4: Envision Your Ideal Life
Secret #5: Nourish Your Body
Secret #6: Find Your Tribe + Seek Amazing Mentors
Secret #7: Partner with Personal Development
Secret #8: Reframe Fear + Go Gutsy
Secret #9: Add a Daily Dose of Vitamin P
+ More!



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Video #2: A Must Do for Financial Freedom

Book Bonuses

 Money Tracking Sheets
Audio Recording: Adding More Vitamin P Into Your Daily Life
Success Steps Workbook
Set Your Own Sail 4-Part Online Course

Who’s This Book For?

This book is written for you if you:

  • Want guidance or a map of how to really create their desired life, yet, currently feel stuck.
  • Am tired of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Want to leave the rat race
  • Want to be financially independent
  • Are wellness oriented, and health conscious
  • Want to have access to mentors, smart guidance, and a tribe of other like-minded women
  • Learn how to create a lifestyle where you:
    • Are able to travel at the drop of a hat
    • Can have a family without needing to worry about choosing between going to work or being a stay at home mom
    • Can hire out your life: examples – a house cleaner, personal chef, personal assistant…
    • Can take fun classes, workshops, 3 month long yoga training in another city
    • Have a life that’s aligned with who you are.

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 You have one sweet life. It’s time to awaken to what’s possible. – Michelle Wong