Wish to lose weight? It’s More Than Diet + Exercise

It’s nearing the end of January and many of us have resolutions, and goals we’d like to achieve for 2015. I’m willing to bet that one of your goals include health goals. Perhaps it’s to lose weight this year.


When it comes to weight loss, the first thing I tend to notice is that folks only focus on 2 things: exercise + diet.


Yes, these are important to adopt in general, but when it comes to permanently shifting weight, more factors come into play. I’ve mentioned this in past posts, but it does need to be reiterated.


If you’re only focusing on diet and exercise, you’re missing out.


Here’s the piece that gets missed: when it comes to your body and health, a key component is to release the stress and struggle. In other words, find the joy + pleasure.


Better yet, see if you can do this in all areas of your life. First, find your breath, and return back to your center when stressful situations arise.
When we’re struggling or experiencing stress, our body will hold onto the fat. It’s our body’s way to keep us safe. This is in our chemistry and goes back to the caveman/woman days.

Now, it isn’t to say that it’s bad to have stress — we experience project deadlines, traffic, relationships, etc. So, some stress is normal.

But there’s definitely an emotional aspect that we don’t consider when it comes to weight loss. It’s so easy to get sidetracked when something unexpected comes up in life, and throws us off course.

go with the flow

It’s easy to let stress overrule, and feel like we have no control. Fear can easily dominate, and when we let that happen, it carries over to emotional stress, which will then manifest as physical stress. When this happens, your body goes into fight/flight mode — to gear up for the worse.


As I mentioned, you’ll store up food as excess fat because it’s helping you get ready to fight the lion that isn’t going to come.


Case in point – I went ahead to check-in for my flight to NYC that wasn’t supposed to leave until the following day.

My PERFECT flight, the one I chose and paid for months in advance that was set for the next day, got cancelled.
I was in the middle of my lunch when this happened. Thinking I could quickly check-in before I forgot, I saw the rather late notice on my check-in screen that “one of my  

“One” of my flights was cancelled?
I only have 1 flight.
The alternate option that my airline gave me was to fly out that night on a red-eye, with a quick layover in Atlanta. There were no options for direct flights with aisle seats.

So, you can imagine the potential stress response and reaction I could go through.

But I didn’t. Instead, I laughed.

If you follow astrology, we’re in the time of mercury retrograde, meaning transportation,  travels, and any forms of communication are expected to go hay-wire.
If you add in the curveball of blizzard warnings in NYC, there was only 1 option really:


Go with the flow.

I could’ve been stressed, frustrated, angry. BUT, why? The only productive option was to find the humor, and just roll with it.
Plus, there IS a silver lining. I will land before the blizzard hit, and I get to spend more time in NYC :)


*[Note: I wrote this blog post before I set out on my NYC trip, and whoa, Nelly! My travel adventure continued. I will definitely share more on a future post!]*


And granted, it’s less ideal to be in the middle seat for both flights, and lose sleep. But I’m not going to let it derail my trip, especially since I’ve been really looking forward to it.


Remember how I was eating lunch when this discovery happened? If I was stressed and frustrated, my tasty, organic lunch wouldn’t have been properly digested.


When that happens, it doesn’t matter what foods we’re eating or what exercise we’re doing: the weight we don’t want will stay on.


So whatever your intentions are, pay attention to how you react when life throws you a curve-ball.


Understand that life will always throw you something because that is what life is.


Embrace it. BREATHE. Find the humor in it.


At the end of the day, life continues to move forward, and we get to choose how we react to situations, and we can turn it for the better.


To looking at the bigger picture,

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