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“Healthy Wealthy Free” Biz + Mentorship Program

Dear freedom seeker:


This is my signature business + mentorship program, where we’ll spend our time together to plan, execute and grow your business and take steps to achieve your dreams.

The way it’s structured is that you will have a virtual business by partnering with me and my product partner – one of the top direct selling companies in the wellness industry.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have money flowing into your bank account while doing what you love?

And, get paid to be optimally healthy?

This is all possible.

Residual-Passive Income + Community = Financial Sustainability For Life

My program is designed to improve your finances, your health, free your time, and do it all within community in a feminine business model.

You can already be an entrepreneur looking to add an additional income stream to your current business, or be brand new at creating your own business, start part-time while still maintaining your full-time job.

Either way, we’ll create a plan to ensure you’re successful. Since we’ll be using a network marketing model, helping you succeed is the only way that I will succeed.

This is for you if you:

  • Have a passion for wellness, and desire to learn up-to-date information on holistic health and nutritional science
  • Are tired of trading dollars for hours at a job you don’t like but need to be at to pay your bills
  • Know where you want to be, have dreams, but feel stuck.
  • Want to be your most healthiest, happiest, wealthiest self
  • Desire to be a positive influence in other people’s lives, and make a greater impact
  • Understand the importance of multiple streams of income
  • Wish to create a long-term financial asset
  • Have always wanted to have your own business but wanted guidance and support
  • Feel you’re not having the freedom of living the life you want
  • Dreamed of working with like-minded women who dream big and take action, and where it’s about teamwork – not competition
  • Are ready to make a change now

How the Program Works

  • In this program, as long as you are active and committed to your growth, you actually get lifetime access to me and well as to my community of mentors and peers from various wellness and biz backgrounds

  • You set the pace of how quickly you want your business to grow
  • We’ll work within an initial framework allowing us to add structure to your vision + goals

  • 5 – 60 minute sessions with me
  • After the first 5 session:  we’ll incorporate ad-hoc (as needed) coaching sessions. We decide, based on your preference and desires, how often to sync up, and these can change based on your needs.
    • 1st session is dedicated to your goals and vision
    • Remaining sessions: used in any way – depending on your goals and vision
    • In these 5 initial sessions we’ll cover a load of ground to ensure the right direction for your goals

Additional/Optional Offerings

  • Exclusive access to weekly group trainings led by my business mentors
  • Attend bi-yearly retreats/events across the U.S. to connect and share ideas with fellow business colleagues from all over the world.

A Few Benefits to This Program

  • Create time freedom to give back to society and do whatever you want
  • Create a biz with very little cost/overhead/expenses (paperless + virtual)
  • Have the chance to throw out your alarm clock :)
  • Incorporate your creativity, passions into your business. Yes! It’s possible even if you’re partnering w/ myself and a company
  • Be surrounded by like-minded people who are supportive and encouraging
  • Experience amazing health: better immune system, healthy weight, great skin, more energy, balance hormonal systems
  • Collaboration, teamwork, support + encouragement
  • Hands on – step by step training that is tailored to your health + financial goals
  • Can start and learn as a novice – don’t need to be the expert
  • Be able to pass the wealth / create a legacy for their descendants
  • Access to amazing leaders who have done it
  • The ability to give back to different charities and be rewarded for it
  • Develop business skills as you grow (better listener, confidence, etc)
  • You get to choose who you want to work with
  • Personal, intellectual, financial emotional, spiritual growth
  • Be able to tax deduct your lifestyle
  • Creating leverage/business system that allows for financial freedom
  • You can start part-time

Who This ISN’T For:

  • You don’t value teamwork

  • You’re not interested in being an ambassador of amazing health or work with products

  • You’re not interested in being part of direct selling/conscious network marketing model

  • You are discouraging and not supportive

  • You want a quick fix or get rich quick schemes

  • You only want short-term gains

  • You are not willing to invest in yourself for health and personal development

  • You expect other people to do the work for you/grow your biz w/out putting effort in yourself

  • You cannot stay committed, and tend to jump from one opportunity to another w/out follow through

Are you ready to change and take action?

If you are ready to be one of the women I support in creating financial independence while having the best health, then please apply below. We can start looking at your dreams and goals and begin to make them a reality.

Apply below and I’ll contact you to schedule a complimentary 45-min Financial Freedom Breakthrough Session!

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